Thursday, October 30, 2008


can this guy get more inspirational? every time he opens his mouth the right words come out.
i feel like we are all used to politicians that sound too good to be true but it's different this time. this man has been consistent and uncompromised in his message and in his campaign. i remember back in the primaries thinking to myself "you have to attack more, you have to play their game to win!" but i was wrong. i was corrupted in my ideals by karl rove and the political tactics that have ruled washington for the last 8 years and i thought that obama could only win if he stooped to their level. but obama has decided to win on integrity and policy, to appeal to the goodness in people and the genuine desire to make our country a better place. he is a better person that i am because he had a lot more faith in the american people than i did. i am prepared to apologize to america come november 5th. i am looking forward to the opportunity to say "i'm sorry, i was wrong. i lost faith after bush was elected again, i didn't think you all had much between the ears. i thought you were naive fools who would let yourselves be manipulated by fear and lies because you were too complacent to find the truth and too cowardly to step outside of the norm and make a choice that might actually change your lives for the better. i was wrong about you. you decided that enough was enough. you decided to get your scandal in the pages of star magazine and the national enquirer and look to our politicians for leadership, information and genuine policy. thank you for making the right choices in this election and for living up to the expectations of barack obama. he was right to place his faith in you and i am glad it paid off". i vote and i pray to have the opportunity to apologize to america and thank them for making the right choice this time. no matter what happens on the 4th, i can say thank you to obama- thank you for running. thank you for changing the political landscape in america. thank you for proving a person can run for president and be successful for all of the right reasons and do it an honest and respectful way which focuses on what is really important and doesn't resort to smears and lies and dirty politics. thank you for proving that you can beat them without joining them; that you can play their game with your own rules; that you don't have to sink to their level but instead you can rise above and appeal to the decency of people, as a decent person, and win on your terms and on our terms. no matter what happens, you are already an inspirational leader and you have already made history and you have already changed this country. all that said, you better win or i am going to be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed.

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