Sunday, October 19, 2008

i'm a mac

and a very lucky girl. for my 29th b-day my dad bought gave me my very first laptop. it technically isn't my first computer although it effectively is because what would be considered my first computer was the desktop my parents got me for college which i rarely used, mostly because it was constantly not working, and felt no particular attachment to whatsoever. not to mention the fact that the tower blew up my freshman year and the electrical smoke in the hallways caused them to evacuate the dorm. as was the norm my freshman year, i was not in my room. i returned home to a note from my kooky roommate on our door's whiteboard "brid- computer blew up, camp sec came. p.s. don't turn it on" (thanks for the tip) and the suspicions of one of my douchebag hallmates that the real source of the smoke was probably nefarious drug related activity on my part. shut up, go run cross country and act cagey with your fellow premeds. anyway these are all disqualifiers, in my opinion, from that being really being considered my first computer. i never felt an sense of ownership with explody the crappy p.c. but today i become the proud owner of my very one apple mackbook pro. so thanks daddy you are an amazing man. i can't wait for you to start writing you're awesome blog with rants and solutions to common engineering equations. when you do, i recommend getting yourself one of these puppies. they are just a dream to type on.


artyfeminist said...

I can't wait Eoin is getting me a new own for xmas... did you get the one they just released? I hear the new features are AWESOME... PS I assume you heard Powell is supporting Obama! F@ck yeah republicans choke on that!

midge said...

no, not the one they just released. it was on sale since they are coming out with the new ones. we dolfi's are bargain hunters. plus this one already has more awesome features than my last non-existent one!
did you read or hear any of what powell said? not only was it a ringing endorsement it was beautifully and eloquently spoken.

artyfeminist said...

yes I watched on you tube last night... I am now obsessed with any election coverage... did i ever mention this blog- great recent post with a doctored mens health mag