Wednesday, October 29, 2008

open letter to rush limbaugh

dear rush limbaugh,

why are you suck a dick? i find it very off-putting. i wonder how you go home at night and sleep with your day's activities on your conscience. i find it hard to comprehend how you look at yourself in the mirror every morning, not exclusively because you have to look upon your doughy, sour countenance, but also because you are forced to confront yourself and the fact that you make your living lying and attacking people's credibility in order to play to the fears of an ignorant few. i wonder how you can broadcast lies and hate and ignorance; how can you just make shit up and act as though the majority of us are fools for not seeing these ridiculously contrived connections and outrageous suggestions or theories and speculations that you pass off as undeniably true? how come you are allowed to speculate wildly and offer absolutely no concrete evidence to back it up, to corroborate your accusations, and yet state your preposterous musings as if they were fact? i hate how you pretend that just because i do not operate under suspicion and fear of anything that smacks of a liberal approach that must mean that i hate god and loathe this country and i want to destroy it. i am disturbed that you promote division and labeling people and grouping together huge parts of the population and make assumptions about their character as a group based on one or two values that they share. i am disquieted that you do not see this as the makings of discrimination, that these sweeping characterizations of entire groups of the population and your divisive language is the kind of attitude and language employed by racists and bigots and anti-semites: this real americans versus anti-americans is like the real true germany of hitler. how can you talk like this, spread your hate over the air-waves and feed the fears of the sheltered and uninformed right and go home at night and think to yourself "another day, another job well done."? it frightens me a little and disturbs me a lot. so seriously, what is your deal?

p.s. stop calling yourself "el rushbo". it is really irritating and it makes you sound like a pretentious, self-congratulating douche

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