Thursday, October 9, 2008

here you go, america

if america is looking for a strong and empowered female leader; a woman who serves as a role model and who is inspirational in her achievements and in the example that she sets as a person for all of us, not just women; a woman you can respect and aspire to, then we have another option. between you and me, i don't have a lot of respect for governor palin and i certainly don't think that she is a good feminist role model or, frankly, anything but a disservice to the achievements of women against all odds. michelle obama has hillary clinton's grasp on the issues, princess diana's genuine connection with the people, and jackie kennedy onassis' grace and class and presence. she is a natural leader and an inspirational woman.

of course we have another choice for first lady, but can you honestly say that you really WANT cindy mccain to be the first lady? that's like saying you really want heidi montag to be first lady. so the choice is yours, america, do you want first lady option a as shown above, or first lady option b, as shown below:

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