Monday, November 3, 2008

just decide already

these undecided voters. what is their deal? how on earth can someone still be undecided, it's ridiculous. the two candidates could not be more different; it is both literally and figuratively black and white. i will tell you what i think about the undecideds. they are not going to vote. if it is the day before the election and you do not know if you are going to vote for the tall, black, young, calm, liberal, fair-taxing, health care proving, war ending, alternative energy promoting democrat or the short, white, old, erratic, conservative, unfair tax cut providing, health care privatizing, pro-war, drilling and nuclear plant building republican; you are not going to decide. and, more to the point, you are not going to bother waiting in line from 3 to 9 hours to vote for whichever guy you *sigh* finally decided to vote for. i believe in odds and the odds are that these people are not going to make that big of an effort to vote for someone they are not that pumped about. and that works in our favor so i hope i am right.

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