Thursday, October 2, 2008

captain's blog stardate 2.10.2008

there are two main ruling parties in the world of the uber geeks: the trekkie and the renaissance nerd. sure there is the comic book nerd but these days you get way too much hipster credit for being into comics so their position in the geek world is not as strong as it once was. this leaves the trekkies and the renaissance nerds to duke it out for top dog.
i am sure one could argue the merits of either and i am sure there are plenty of fanboys out there that do, fervently. i am not here to make a case for one over the other, per say, i just wanted to share what i
see as a possible advantage of one of them.
i think one reason it is better to be a trekkie is that star trek is set in the future, so you don't have to think about "authenticity" as much. sometimes a guy wants a corn dog and a flush toilet (infer from that what you will) and, sorry buddy, methinks there be no breaded be-sticked meats in the time of our king henry.
all i'm saying is, you pull out your cell phone at a renaissance fair and everyone's like "witch! witch!" or whatever and running you out with pitchforks. at the star trek convention you're like "oh, look! a human cellular communication device. i wonder does it still work?" and you're set.

may i state for the record that i have never actually personally attended either one of these conventions or engaged in any renaissance or star trek related activities. i have, however, been to the civil war festival 3 times. actually lets make that last bit off the record. what can i say, a girl loves american history.


Dan said...

Tell 'em Steve-Dave!

St. John Gogarty said...

You are a goddamn dorkis malorkis.

eoin said...

i might have said "star wars nerd" instead of "star trek nerd." i have been to a comic book convention, and let me tell you, it was terrifying: terrifying how hot i found all the nerds.