Wednesday, October 29, 2008

when i think about this show, i don't think of anything negative whatsoever

well that isn't true. in fact, my feelings about the the hills aren't even that lukewarm and non-committal. but then again, i am not an enormous douche-bag who would be caught dead in a sleeveless denim vest.
i have 5 things to say about this week's episode of the hills:
1. brody and lauren are definitely together. seriously this is not just wishful thinking, i have gathered the evidence and i am certain. last week in mexico there was the intimate high-five in the ocean (i know what you're thinking; an intimate high-five? what does that even mean? but it was, go back, check it out. c-h-e-m-i-s-t-r--y). this week, the scene in the bar was totally a triple date and their body language and interaction screams couple. even when lauren scolded brody for trying to be too much of a tough guy and totally subdued him - that was the scolding of a girlfriend and the obedience of a boyfriend. this is the scolding i want to see in the deleted scenes - brody: hey homie! lauren: you're white. they are secretly dating you guys, i swear. i have one thing to say about it: yay!

2. audrina seemed like a real person for the first time and not a vacant, over-tanned, toothy mannequin. she showed (gasp!) emotion! she also showed poor judgment.

3. finally the return of overly obtuse and absurd justin bobby. finally the justin bobby who tries so hard to sound profound or deep he ends up being vague and nonsensical. my favorite was when he described himself and audrina as a "catch-22". ummm.... how? that must have really confused audrina even more who i am not convinced can even count to 22. he is preposterous.

4. lo! and her boyfriend! she looked super pretty. more of her please. (also, donde esta whitney?)

5. i found monday's episode decidedly more pleasant than usual and i know why. we ALMOST had a speidi free show but them spence had to swoop in at the end to be a miserable prick and ruin everyone else's happiness. so close, you guys. sigh.

final thoughts: in case you were wondering, mtv- no, audrina cannot carry her own show. also i cannot wait until heidi gets fired next week. wheeeeeeeeeeeee.


Andrea said...

i am so glad i was not the only one confused by the catch 22 comment- i also don't think audrina knows what that phrase means, although i can't blame her in this context.

while i have enjoyed the lauren brody moments, there has been way too much jbob and audrina time for my tastes. i cannot blame audrina for going back to jbob, or even for talking about it ALL THE TIME- i too have been that girl, but i just am tired of hearing it. i would also like to take this time on this blog to apologize for being that girl at one time- i now understand how annoying that is.

i hope we are done with them for awhile and lets get back to lauren doing not much of anything- it makes me feel better about my life, knowing that as wealthy and "famous" as she is, lauren does the same random slightly boring stuff that i do. oh reality tv.

but the couple i am really far more interested in on monday nights- chuck and blair- gossip girl has really been bringing it lately.

midge said...

i missed monday's episode! i have to find it online. when i realized that chuck spent an hour being awesome and i didn't witness it, i died a little inside.