Tuesday, September 30, 2008

that's how he rolls

i saw an amazing advertisement for mccain the other day. first of all the lighting and editing were ridiculous. it was kind of 80's, it was like they were trying to be edgy. voiced over quick shots are spliced up with john mccain, looking tres sincere, talking about how great the american worker is: "best in the world". and economic security "has been put at risk by the greed of wallstreet". eek. sounds scary. unacceptable. you tell 'em maverick. "my opponent's only solution is talk and taxes". what? talk? you're kidding me, that is unreal. shuddup ya' mouth. so this distainful "talk" you speak of, is this the comprehensive economic plan that obama has been talking about, the one that, amongst other things, raises taxes for some and lowers them for other groups like, the middle class? good summary though. what else ya' got john-bo? "i'll reform wall street and fix washington. i've taken on tougher guys than this before." oh thank goodness you didn't give us any of that nasty "talk". what is "i'll fix washington"? action? also, question. who exactly is he talking about here? tougher guys than who, wall street or washington? or he's fought tougher guys than obama. it's pretty unclear.

cue the sexy female voice over (oh, did palin get a voice coach?) and i am starting to think that this background music is an attempt to have a cool, youth vibe. oh right, edgy. she purrs "change is coming... john mccain". ew.

so wait, this is the "change" guy? i thought that was the other guy. no, but i can clearly see that change is coming because there is a picture of john mccain standing at a desk, on the phone. perhaps that is change calling right now, letting john know he's on his way.

what i love about this advertisement is that mcain defames obama for laying out the particulars of his economic plan and then spews more of his meaningless catchphrases. how are you going to fix and reform it, dude? what the fuck is your plan? could you please just explain it out loud to me? the other thing i love is the tag, a close up of a sun-kissed john mccain with "the original maverick" across an american flag. tres presidential. maybe it will get shortened like "original ganster"; he'll be the o.m.

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