Friday, November 7, 2008

love thy neighbor as thyself (good news neighbor, i LOVE me)

dear people who supported prop 8,

despite the elation i felt on tuesday as we elected obama as our president (by a landslide) it was a bittersweet victory because in the same breath california (by a slim margin) took away the rights of our citizens. basic rights, so basic that it falls under the umbrella of life (spent with your partner), liberty (to marry the person you choose) and the pursuit of happiness (shared with the person you love). any way you spin it, this is disgrace. this is not over. that is not a threat, it is an fyi.
you don't want homosexuality taught in schools so that you can teach it to children yourselves and you can filter it through your own prejudice but the truth always finds a way to reveal itself.
you act as though you have taken the moral high ground yet you have chosen to ignore major tenants of your religion - judge not lest ye be judged, thou shall not bear false witness - but hypocrisy is a delicate house of cards that always collapses in on its perpetrators.
you claim that this does not have to do with homophobia or discrimination but instead is about protecting tradition, but outdated and divisive ideas are always replaced by progressive and inclusive ones.
hatred and suspicion prevailed on tuesday but love and tolerance always win in the end. you might see the passage of prop 8 as a victory but it is only another barrier for a community that deserves to see barriers broken down and not erected. this is a barrier, however, that is built on a weak foundation, a foundation of division and oppression and exclusivity that cannot withstand the power of human resolve. i have news for you: people never give up on their human rights. they never say " you know, this civil liberty isn't that important, i'm just going to throw in the towel". people never stop fighting for their rights and they won't stop now. and you know what else? they always win in the end.
so, prop 8-ers, i will see you at that end and i will fight to make sure that end is near. when the day comes, when everyone in this country is granted the full civil liberties they are entitled to, i will be there and so will you because, finally, we will all be equals. you might as well start getting used the idea.

bridget dolfi

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