Monday, November 17, 2008

let's get literal

so it is destroying marriage, is that right? people wanting to get married is destroying it - do i follow you so far? and the reason that gay marriage is so destructive is that the bible defines marriage as between a man in a woman so anything that goes against that is destructive and wrong. have i got it so far?

okay, so i can't help but wonder:

how much time do you spend trying to stop people from the evils of consuming shellfish or pork. i don't ever remember remonstrations at my local grocery store. how much time do you spend protesting businesses that operate on the sabbath? i have spent many a sunday happily shopping without encountering resistance from the christian right. how offended are you that some men shave their beards and that menstruating women are not sequestered from society? i mean, if we are going to look to the bible to define the terms of proper society we have a lot of work to do. i can't remember the last time i saw a proper animal sacrifice down at city hall. get out the signs, fire up the advertisements, there is a lot of work to do.

and if this seems an unfavorable course of action to you than please answer just one more question: how is it that you can choose to attack some of god's children with the minute details of obsolete texts, but can then ignore those that you find personally disagreeable to your lifestyle?

oh and p.s. if you are such big fans of taking written documents so literally may i suggest you peruse the constitution? maybe give adhering to it's message a whirl?


eoin said...

amen! and how nice to know you actually have the bible knowledge to write this. if i tried, i'd be like... "uh... adam and eve did something?"

midge said...

oh the bible is full of wisdom. in fact, while we are keeping marriage "traditional", women are just property that their fathers can marry off in exchange for livestock etc. my dad should call up joe's dad asap and demand a flock of sheep, a couple cases of wine and his finest milking cow. nothing, nothing is more important that defining marriage exactly the way they did 2,000 years ago.

Jim Wally said...

As long as we're getting literal... Did you mean to write that the bible defines marriage as being "between a man IN a woman"? or was that a typo?

iheartbigtuna said...

Well said! I agree 100%, the logic that the far right has regarding gay marriage just doesn't make sense to me. Given your remarks you might like this:

It's a Prop 8 musical with a bunch of stars in it. It's on funny or die (a legit site in case you think I'm a spammer or something) :)