Wednesday, November 5, 2008

biden should ditch the thumbs up for the cabbage patch

first of all, this is cracking me up. second of all this is what every car that drove down our street in oakland last night was doing. it was like new year's only this actually matters and affects our lives. third of all, i said i would apologize to america if obama was right and he was so... i am sorry and i am proud of you, of us. we are not the red states and the blues states, we are the united states of america and i look forward to standing up with all of you and taking our country in a new direction. it's a beautiful day. orange mocha frappuccinos for everyone!


artyfeminist said...

better with the sound. Olivia got really excited when the music came on and is now dancing in her high chair. Is that like a chicken in every pot? Yay! mochas on the government!

midge said...

i know! that is the song from that scene in zoolander. it just makes it so much funnier. when i picture olivia dancing in her highchair it's kind of so cute that i want to die. viva la president! he's gonna spread the frappuccinos around. (eek! socialist!)