Monday, November 10, 2008

who ya gonna call?

a couple weeks ago, in the middle of the night between sunday and monday, our shower door spontaneously combusted.  one of the 2 sliding glass doors just exploded safety glass all over our bathroom; in the bathtub, covering the bath mat, in every container and out into the hall.  everywhere.  it was so bizarre.  i had to take everything out of everything; i completely emptied the bathroom.  during this process i took out our magazine holder, which is in between our toilet and our sink, and discovered that a number of the books and magazines were wet.  as i took them out i discovered that number was all of them.  and they were sitting in inches of water.  i was pretty shower door centric and i found it very confusing.  i just thought "how on earth does the shower door shattering make all of these books so wet?".  
funny story, those two things were not related.  who saw that coming...
last night i flipped the toilet seat too hard.  apparently i am the incredible hulk.  it knocked the tank hard enough to make the crack down the whole side of the tank that had been slowly dripping into our magazine holder for god knows how long, just a bit bigger so that the drip was significant enough to get our attention.  
so i got a very thorough and repetitive and very helpful over-the-phone tutorial on "replacing your toilet tank" from my father last night (thanks daddy!) and have tracked down the right model at a store in oakland.  i have yet to undertake the replacement but my father is an excellent teacher and i have investigated the situation and feel confident we will be back in business tonight.  still working on the shower door.
onto the more pressing issue: wtf?  our shower door exploded and now our toilet tank is busted?  and has been for... forever?  who knows?  what a mystery.  i am not trying to be an alarmist here but this stinks of the supernatural.  a curse or a poltergeist, something other worldly.  i have been suspicious on and off since we moved in that there is a ghost of a cat in our house.  it would be one explanation of why apple is so trippy and it would also explain some weird little happenings.  but a ghost of a cat shattering the shower door and cracking the toilet?  i can't even imagine a real cat doing that and we have 3 of those.  so i don't know but i think something is up.  a curse maybe or a burial ground of some description.  whatever it is, it's a pain in the ass. 

if things like toilets gross you out, i am sorry.  if things like ghosts scare you, i am also sorry.  everyone else- weird, right?

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artyfeminist said...

oh my god ... maybe the shower door and missing remote are related....?

Seriously though how the hell does a shower door just break like that? Unless the incredible hulk slammed that too hard also? SOunds like Olivia will have to wear a hard hat and safety googles when we come to visit.