Friday, September 26, 2008

tgif. am i right?

this morning there was a woman literally going 35 mph on the highway. what is that about?

i have to say, as much as it vexes me to drive so much every day, commuting has made me a far more skilled driver. now i think i am kind of a badass. this was not always the case. at all. kate likes to tell stories about how crappy a driver i was in high school. i just used to space out all the time. it was like i would just take a time out from driving if my mind was occupied elsewhere. i would be telling a story (of course) and i would slow down as i got to the good parts. not great really. i would like to take this moment to publicly apologize to all the drivers out there who shared a road with me in the late 90's. it was the 90's man, pissing calvin bumper stickers and will smith's music career, it was a confusing time. i was young and inexperienced. i have changed you guys, you should see me now.

i will also take this moment to announce i have successfully made the transition into being a person who wears a watch. and its friday.


Miss Jenny said...

Can this be true - Bridget giving driving pointers AND wearing a watch (not just for fashion purposes). Are we still raising the roof?

Not a crazy woman driver said...

I have to be honest... I just found a hub cap in my front bushes and it had a sticker that said property of Midge on it... Are you missing one?