Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ye olde morning commute

how do i love thee? oh wait, i don't. love thee. at all.

today there was a pretty intense looking accident on 880 going in the other direction. but it also caused a lot of traffic in my direction as everyone had to slow down and check it out. this is a fact not even worth bitching about because it is just such a given, everyone is going to look at the crazy accident, always. forever.
so a small suv of some sort had smashed into the back of a big rig. yikes. and really literally smashed, it looked awful. my heart goes out to whoever was in the car. what was really incredible though was that as soon as we passed the accident and the traffic started to clear, the car in front of me started aggressively tailgating the car in front of it. like just glued to the bumper.
really? really, chevy colbart lt? did you not see the massive car accident just now, the one we just passed a second ago? where one car smashed itself beyond recognition into the back of another vehicle? you know, the one with the 1/2 dozen fire trucks and the flashing lights and sobering destruction? because, there was a lesson there, if you wanted to look for it. just saying.
it was like there was no connection whatsoever to be found between driving recklessly and getting into horrible car accidents.

i will be forever amazed by how oblivious people can be. and not oblivious in a cute way.

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Ya said...

you better drive like a grandma on those big bad freeways! I dont want the roads or chevys to hurt my midge!