Monday, February 23, 2009

ok honestly

i want to be a mac.  of course i want to be a mac.  don't get me wrong, i love john hodgeman but macs are slick looking and they make a really nice clacky noise when you type on them.  i love all the random programs that i don't really use and the ones that i do use (stickies!).  i like that it has a matching mp3 player and a matching phone.  what can i say, i like when things come in sets.  and i won't deny, i like the indie cred, however unbearably mainstream that credibility actually is.  in fact, we are probably a week and a half away from "ironic p.c.'s" being the actually indie credible thing.  but all that aside, how the hell do you format anything on this thing?  it underlines the things i spell wrong (or the irish way.  luckily it has learned to ignore my blatant disregard to capitalization), but i cannot figure out how to correct them without going through the whole spell checking process.  ignore, ignore, yes i know bwah is not word, ignore... tiresome.  granted, it has made me think more, erasing and respelling the words that are my downfall (vowels, grrr) but sometimes i don't feel like doing that and sometimes i can't spell the frickin word so what is the mac equivalent of the left click?  the left click is the most awesome function ever, why can't i do that on my mac?  or can i?  it is becoming a serious roadblock in our love.  and, to the point of this post, why do i find it so hard to format the font for my blog when i type posts on my mac?  it's no problem on a p.c. but i feel too guilty typing them at work (catholicism, grrr) so here i am, shouting one post whispering the next.  can anybody help me?  mac guy, are you done not being into that girl?  can you help me? 
well, at least i have the dashboard.

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