Tuesday, February 24, 2009

nacho majority party

what do the republicans not get?  when the country elected barack obama they also made a choice about the direction they wanted the country to go.  it's not like we all got confused and thought we were voting for american idol and the way we want the country run is wide open.  obama ran on a very specific platform: helping the middle class, transparency, accountability, green jobs, stimulus package, going through the budget and eliminating things that don't work, tax hikes on the very wealthy... and america said, "yes, please".  we didn't just go "obama is awesome, i'm still up in the air about what i want him to do when he's elected but he is just super great".  we voted against your plan nimrods.  yes, john mccain was like a short-circuiting enchanted stump but we ultimately voted against republican policies.  and sarah palin.  so this idea that we're back at square one pitching ideas about what's the main strategy is absurd.  what the president is doing in terms of bipartisan outreach is incredible and you are being the biggest babies.  and the vast majority of americans agree (watch hardball for the stats).  it's pathetic.  let me echo the deafening choirs, okay?  republicans, we do not like your ideas.  we do not trust you.  you have failed and we don't want to try you plan again.  it is fatally flawed.  no.  no, we can't.  okay, do you understand?  so shut up, try try try some self-examination and please be gracious at the president's march madness party.  and bring nachos.

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