Thursday, January 29, 2009

townspeople, townspeople, a wolf is attacking my sheep!

when the republicans voted down the financial bailout on it's first run through the house of representatives, despite all of that party's conviction that it's immediate passage was crucial to the survival of our country's entire economic framework, house minority (ha ha, you're the minority) leader john boehner (ha ha, looks like boner) knew exactly whose fault it was the republicans didn't pass it:

"we've put everything we had into getting the votes to get there today. but the speaker had to give a partisan voice that poisoned our conference.... after what i thought was a rather partisan speech, given the nature of this bill and how we've worked in a bipartisan way, it really killed our chances to get any of those dozen members to actually come our way and vote for the bill."

when the republicans voted unanimously against the stimulus, despite president obama's overtures - meeting with the caucus and key members of the republican party in the house (not to mention - bipartisan cocktail party!) and amending the bill to appease them (lower taxes, more unplanned babies!!), the ever perceptive john boehner was once again able to pinpoint the cause of their 188-handed bitch slap of the president:

"[t]he onus is on speaker pelosi. she needs to meet with us. she needs to open her doors. we need to begin to work truly in a bipartisan fashion"

no forget the tall guy - we only accept bipartisanship from the speaker of the house.  screw his efforts, that won't make us decide not to vote against something to help the country simply on principle and the natural inclination to behave like a crop of wounded, indignant, passive aggressive babies.

you know, for being the leader of the democrats in the house, pelosi seems to be pulling the strings for the republicans.  forget limbaugh (no seriously, america, please forget rush limbaugh), i think nancy pelosi might be the new leader of the republican party.


St. John Gogarty said...

The bolder, whiter font represents your anger.

midge said...

slash my inability to format text.